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The NASA GCMD staff is pleased to announce the release of version 8.5 of the GCMD keywords. Version 8.5 consists of changes to the Science keywords for Atmospheric Winds and Atmospheric Water Vapor. Overall, 55 new keywords were added and 30 keywords were modified. The keyword changes are summarized in the keyword summary table.

The keywords are used to facilitate the classification and discovery of Earth Science data by providing a rich vocabulary for characterizing the data. The GCMD keywords are used by hundreds of data providers worldwide for categorizing the ~32k records stored in the Common Metadata Repository.

Additions and modifications to the keywords are based on recommendations from the Earth Science community, requests from data providers, and GCMD science coordinators. These changes are grouped into releases (generally by keyword type and by science discipline). The keywords were reviewed by subject matter experts and approved by the ESDIS Standards Office. The keyword recommendations and responses are available to view on the keyword review page.

Contact Us

Questions and comments about keywords can be posted on the Keyword Community Forum. Please see the Keywords Forum page for general keyword information including instructions for how to access the keywords. The GCMD User Support staff can be reached at Questions can also be directed to

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  1. Hi Tyler Stevens where do I download the most recent version? Is there a link to 8.5? Thank you.

  2. Hello, the latest GCMD Science Keywords (8.5) are at the following link.

    1. Thank you Scott Ritz, it might be worth posting the link in future announcements. Thank you very much.