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I used your service a couple of years ago to aid in my MSc thesis and I could easily convert maps like this:

to ASC files that I could use in excel and combine with other data in R. I don't seem to be able to get the ASC/CVS file from a sea surface temperature file for Indonesia.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi.  We don’t have a direct ASCII download from Giovanni at this time.   I have written a data “recipe” describing procedures to make difference maps.   Part of the procedure describes how you can use Panoply and Microsoft Excel to get ASCII output from the NetCDF output of Giovanni.   Panoply can be downloaded free of charge from here: .

    Below I’m describing the steps you need to take, which are described more fully in the recipe, to get the data in ASCII text format.

    Create a map of the data you want to get with Giovanni.  Save the map if you wish.

    1. Download the NetCDF file for this map.
    2. Open the NetCDF file in Panoply.
    3. Export the latitude, longitude, and data as CSV files from Panoply.
    4. Create the spreadsheet with the latitude, longitude and data as described in Step 4.  Instead of an array of difference values, just use the data array CSV file.    Using the macro, convert the array and the latitude and longitude data to lat-lon-data value triads.