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I know this is the CMR forum, but I thought I'd try an ECHO API question.

We'd like to use the ECHO Order API to place orders from the IceBridge Portal ( We need to supply the 'Echo-Token' header on this API call, which we apparently get from the tokens resource endpoint ( However, that resource seems to require the username and password of a URS user. Instead, since we require the user to login via URS, we'd like to use the Earthdata access token we get via OAuth. Is this possible?

In looking at the Earthdata Search Client, it appears this might be possible. That app has a class called Echo::BaseClient which has a method named token_header which seems to format an 'Echo-Token' header with a value containing the Earthdata token and the URS Client ID (

Does this work? Is there any documentation about this that we missed?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. user-7b92a

    You can use the URS OAuth supplied tokens with the CMR or ECHO APIs. Anywhere a token is accepted a URS provided token can be use. Thanks for pointing out this problem in our documentation. I'll make sure we get that corrected.

  2. user-7b92a

    I filed  CMR-3039 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  3. Can anyone with URS test metadata ingestion? If so, how can I get the XXXX of "Echo-Token: XXXX" in ingestion API

    If I need a special approval, would you please grant one? I'm trying to help a team who got the NASA ACCESS grant and they want to create a valid metadata that will work with CMR.  I also would like to integrate CMR ingestion testing in HDF Product Designer