NASA’s Land, Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EO (Earth Observations) (LANCE) provides data and imagery from Terra, Aqua, Aura, Suomi NPP and GCOM-W1 satellites in less than 3 hours from satellite observation, to meet the needs of the near real-time (NRT) applications community. LANCE is a distributed system that builds on the existing EOSDIS capabilities. 

A simplified overview of the data flow from satellite to users. 

ESO Latency Study HQ Briefing 20220327 final.pptx

LANCE User Working Group 

NASA Terra MODIS Sentinel-3 Continuity Pilot Study

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LANCE Flyers (2022-3):

LANCE Postcards (March 2023):


LANCE Enhancements

Recent use of LANCE / FIRMS data

LANCE Requirements - checklist

Recent LANCE presentations

NC State Presentation

LANCE FIRMS, AMS Annual Conference, Jan 2024

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APAN57 Presentations

Without audio:

1_Worldview Presentation Jan 2024 APAN_without recording.pptx

2_FIRMS Presentation Jan 2024 APAN_without recording.pptx2_FIRMS Presentation Jan 2024 APAN_without recording.pptx

1_and 2_Worldview and FIRMS Presentation Jan 2024 APAN_without recording.pptx

With audio:

1_NASA Worldview: Explore the earth from Past to Present with Global satellite Observations. For APAN-57

2_NASA Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS)

Combined presentation (1 and 2)

LANCE Earth Science to Action - December 2023
version 2


FIRMS, GOFC-Fire November 2023

Earth to Sky Slides

LANCE, IGARSS Conference, Jul2023

S-3 Pilot Study: Mid-project report, MODIS/VIIRS ST Meeting, May 2023

Justice Modland retrospective_5_4_23.pptx

FIRMS Poster for IWFC, Porto, May 2023

AMSR2 metrics slide deck, Feb 2023

LANCE FIRMS, AMS Annual Conference, Jan 2023

LANCE FIRMS, AGU Annual Meeting, Dec 2022

LANCE FIRMS 610 Directors Seminar Oct 2022

LANCE ICAP Presentation Oct 2022

LANCE Introduction, Oct 2022

FIRMS, GOFC-Fire June 2022

LANCE Slides for Applied Sciences Feb 2022

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LANCE highlight slide

Slides for Applied Sciences

Generic LANCE slides

SBG LANCE presentation

AGU LANCE MODIS poster (2019)

LANCE @10 AGU-12-5-19

LANCE Top 10 2019

LANCE Poster for MODIS ST (Fall 2019)


LANCE Webinar February 2020: 


FIRMS Earthdata webinar 

Older presentations

Current Status and Recommendations for Near-Real Time Processing Effort (NRTPE) Oct, 2007

LATENCY STUDY HQ Final Briefing 03-27-2022


NRC Decadal Survey: LANCE 

Contribution to RSE Paper - online mapping systems

Summit slides




NASA Workshop to Develop a Portfolio of Low Latency Datasets for Time Sensitive Applications (2016)