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Keyword CategoryKeyword ValueNew/Updated/DeletedRequested By
ProjectGTSPP > The Global Temperature and Salinity Profile ProgrammeUpdatedJohn Relph (NOAA)
Science KeywordBiosphere > Vegetation > Vegetation Optical Depth (VOD)NewDoug Haller (NSIDC)
Science KeywordBiosphere > Vegetation > Vegetation Water PotentialNewDoug Haller (NSIDC)
Science KeywordBiosphere > Vegetation > Plant Characteristics > Xylem Dielectric PermittivityNewDoug Haller (NSIDC)
InstrumentPHIPS > Particle Habit Imaging and Polar Scattering ProbeNewMary Nair (GHRC)
Data CenterSTANFORD-U/EARTH > Department of Earth System Science, School of Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences, Stanford UniversityNewDoug Haller (NSIDC)
InstrumentPOM > Personal Ozone MonitorNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentPandora > Pandora Spectrometer InstrumentNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
Instrument2B Technologies > 2B Technologies Ozone MonitorNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentCAFE > NASA Compact Airborne Formaldehyde ExperimentNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentCAPS NO2 Analyzer > Cavity Attenuated Phase Shift Nitrogen Dioxide AnalyzerNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentKestrel > Kestrel Weather MeterNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentLMOL > Langley Mobile Ozone LidarNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentGSFC TROPOZ DIAL > NASA Goddard Space Flight Center TRO-Pospheric Ozone Differential Absorption LidarNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentPicarro G2401 > Picarro G2401 Gas Concentration AnalyzerNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentPicarro G2201-i > Picarry G2201-I Isotopic Analyzer for CO2 and CH4NewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
InstrumentLGR CRDS > Los Gatos Research Cavity Ringdown SpectroscopyNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
PlatformVaisala HydroMet AWS > Vaisala HydroMet Automatic Weather StationNewMegan Buzanowicz (ASDC)
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