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The GCMD staff is pleased to announce the release of version 8.0 of the GCMD/IDN keywords. This release represents a major revision and expansion of the Solid Earth and Atmosphere > Clouds keywords. Additions and changes to the keywords were the result of many years of collaboration with the Earth Science community.

You can access and review the keywords at For information about accessing the keywords using the GCMD RESTFul server, please visit If you have any questions, please contact our user support office at

Please use the following citation when using the GCMD keywords:

Olsen, L. M.,  G. Major,  K. Shein,  J. Scialdone, S. Ritz, T. Stevens, M. Morahan, A. Aleman, R. Vogel, S. Leicester, H. Weir, M. Meaux, S. Grebas, C. Solomon, M. Holland, T.Northcutt, R. A. Restrepo & R. Bilodeau, 2013. NASA/Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) Earth Science Keywords. Version

For additional information on the science keywords and how to suggest changes or additions, please see:

We value your feedback.  Thank you for your interest in the science keywords.

Lola M. Olsen & the GCMD Team

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