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Keyword CategoryKeyword ValueNew/Updated/DeletedRequested By
PlatformSHIPS > R/V AtlantisNewIngrid Garcia-Solera (NOAA NCEI)
PlatformPenman-Monteith Model with Enhanced Surface Resistance ParameterizationNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformGLPM > Great Lakes Production ModelNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformECCO2_Darwin-V3 > Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the Ocean, Phase II; Darwin-V3NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformCMS-Flux-V1 > Carbon Monitoring System Flux V1NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformFFDAS-V2 > Fossil Fuel Data Assimilation System V2NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformMITgcm > Massachusetts Institute of Technology General Circulation ModelNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformBLING > Biology Light Iron Nutrient and Gas modelNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformCASA-GFED3-V2 > Carnegie-Ames-Stanford-Approach Global Fire Emissions Database 3 V2NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformCASA-GFED3-V3 > Carnegie-Ames-Stanford-Approach Global Fire Emissions Database 3 V3NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformSentinel-5P > Sentinel-5 PrecursorUpdatedCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentTROPOMI > TROPOspheric Monitoring InstrumentUpdatedCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentOCO-2 > Orbiting Carbon Observatory - 2NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentOCO-3 > Orbiting Carbon Observatory - 3NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentMRIR > Medium Resolution Infrared RadiometerNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentPMR > Pressure Modulated RadiometerNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentSCMR > Surface Composition Mapping RadiometerNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentLRIR > Limb Radiance Inversion RadiometerNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformTSIS-1 > Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance Sensor-1NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformSTPSat-3 > U.S. Air Force Space Test Program Satellite 3UpdatedCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformUnified Model UM > United Kingdom Met Office (UKMO) Unified ModelNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
PlatformGDAS > Global Data Assimilation SystemNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
ProjectHRAC > High Resolution Altitude Corrected PrecipitationNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
ProjectTSIS > Total and Spectral Solar Irradiance SensorNewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentHALO > High Altitude Lidar ObservatoryNewTiffany Trapasso (ASDC)
ProjectAeolus > Aeolus Calibration/ValidationNewTiffany Trapasso (ASDC)
Data CenterECCO > Estimating the Circulation and Climate of the OceanUpdatedJessica Hausman (NASA/JPL)
InstrumentsndrD1 > Sounder Detector 1NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentsndrD2 > Sounder Detector 2NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentsndrD3 > Sounder Detector 3NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentsndrD4 > Sounder Detector 4NewCarlee Loeser (GES DISC)
InstrumentMWR > Microwave Water RadiometerNewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
InstrumentWAF-P > Wide-Angle Fabry-PerotNewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
InstrumentPAZ-SAR > PAZ - Synthetic Aperture Radar (X-band)NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
InstrumentTANSO-FTS-2 > Thermal And Near infrared Sensor for carbon Observation-Fourier Transform Spectrometer-2NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
InstrumentTANSO-CAI-2 > Thermal And Near infrared Sensor for carbon Observation-Cloud and Aerosol Imager-2NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformRA-2 > Radar Altimeter-2UpdatedMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformGHGSat-D > Greenhouse Gas Satellite - DemonstratorNewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformGHGSat > Greenhouse Gas SatelliteNewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformGHGSat-C1 > Greenhouse Gas Satellite - C1NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformGHGSat-2 > Greenhouse Gas Satellite - C2NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformPAZ > SAR Observation Spanish SatelliteNewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
PlatformGOSAT-2 > Green-house gas Observing Satellite - 2NewMarc Gilles FedEO (ESA)
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