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CALIPSO Data User's GuideGuide contains most current information about CALIOP data products, their use and misuse.
Examples and ToolsWorking examples and tools to work with CALIPSO data. Examples for IDL and Matlab users.
Vertical Feature Mask Feature Classification Flag ExtractionThis routine demonstrates extraction of the feature type information stored in a CALIPSO Lidar Level 2 Vertical Feature Mask feature classification flag value.
Lidar Altitude Data Read RoutineThis routine demonstrates reading the lidar altitude data stored in CALIPSO Lidar Level 1B Profile, Level 2 Aerosol Profile, and Level 2 Cloud Profile products.
Generate Mean Extinction ProfileDemonstrates how to generate a vertical profile of mean extinction from the CALIPSO level 2 profile products.
CALIPSO Data Read SoftwareCallable routines in Interactive Data Language (IDL) provide basic read access to CALIPSO science data files.
Overview of CALIPSO Data at the ASDCBrief Overview of the CALIPSO Project, Documentation, Data, and Data Access at the ASDC.
TAD (Toolsets for Airborne Data) TutorialThe Toolsets for Airborne Data (TAD) web application is designed to be a collection of the tools for airborne data discovery, download, and merges. This tutorial video walks users through the functionality of the user interface and order request process.
MISR Browse ToolEasy access to ellipsoid projected true-color images for each camera reduced to 2.2 km resolution
ENVI SOM InstructionsInstructions for setting Space Oblique Mercator map information in ENVI version 4.0
MISR ToolkitA simplified programming interface to access MISR Level 1B2, Level 2, and ancillary data products.
MISR PathsList of Paths by Data Day
ASDC Data Pool Readmeinstructions
ASDC Data Pool Sample Scriptinstructions
ASDC Data Ordering Tool - HTML Tool Helpinstructions
Frequently Asked Questions faqs
CERES Ordering Tool Helpuser guide
S'COOL Online Tutorialseducation/how to
Classroom Resources: Analyze CERES Data & Imageseducation/ how to
Browse Image TutorialGuide on how to interpret the browse images as well as explain all the different types of images that are available.