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Available in less than 3 hours from observation, Near Real-Time (NRT) products from the MODIS, OMI, AIRS, and MLS instruments are offered by LANCE. The Land Atmosphere Near real-time Capability for EOS (LANCE) supports application users interested in monitoring and analyzing a wide variety of natural and man-made phenomena.

ECHO currently indexes NRT data for AIRS, MLS and MODIS. OMI data is still being incorporated into our catalog.

For more information on LANCE NRT data, check out the link in the sidebar to the right.


NRT data is not archived by the data providers and is "aged-out" of ECHO after a 2 week period. Therefore any search for NRT data within ECHO should return results from the previous 14 days, but no data is available for earlier time periods. The metadata for the archive quality products will include data going back to launch.



To view all NRT metadata collections indexed by Reverb and ECHO, click the following link:

Work in Progress. In the future, NRT products will be visually distinct from Science Quality products in Reverb. Please keep an eye on this area.

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