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Through an agreement with the European Space Agency (ESA), some of ECHO's data providers have access to MERIS data. For more information about MERIS, check out the links in the sidebar to the right.

MERIS metadata is public via Reverb search, however, accessing the data is a two step process. First you must have a URS account, then you must be authorized to access data holdings by either Level 1 and Atmosphere Archive and Distribution System (LAADS) or the Ocean Biology Processing Group (OBPG).

Either system can be used to apply for MERIS data access. Once you have been granted access, you may search for MERIS data via Reverb and directly access MERIS from either of these data centers.

For full terms and conditions of the ESA Agreement, see the link in the side bar to the right.


In particular, users should be aware of the following statements contained in the Terms and Conditions:

By checking this box I confirm my acceptance of ESA Terms and Conditions applicable to my requested data . As Principal Investigator, I assume full responsibility for the approved utilization of data, including utilization with co-investigators. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions includes general acceptance of the related ESA and Third Party Missions Data Policies, including the Specific Conditions for the Utilization of data in the case of Third Party Missions (Annex of the Terms and Conditions). Results of the Project shall be published in publications of international renown and presented at dedicated workshops organized by ESA. Any publication whatsoever resulting from work carried out using ESA or TPM data shall contain the following sentence: Data provided by the European Space Agency.


Requesting MERIS Data Access


Visit to begin the application process. You should see the following page:



Visit to begin the application process. You should see the following page:

Next Steps

Once you have visited one of the two links above, if you are not a member of the MERIS access group, you will be presented with a form to be filled out. It will look similar to the following:


Fill this form out to request access to MERIS data. If you have any problems contact ECHO User Support.


Searching For MERIS Data


  1. Vist the Reverb Home Page and log into via this link
  2. Search for the MERIS datasets using the Search Terms box from the Reverb homepage or just paste the following link in a new browser tab:
  3. In general you will be interested in a specific geographic region, select that region using the map on the front page. For more information about using the spatial search options, see this link. Similarly, to narrow your search to a specific date/time range, please refer to the instructions here.
  4. If you have been approved for MERIS access, you can use Reverb as explained in the tutorial to download granules of interest to you. Information on that process can be found starting here.