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ECHO indexes several collections from the ASTER instrument aboard the Terra satellite. These collections are provided by LPDAAC. For more specific ASTER information, check out the links in the right hand column.

Data Quality Summary

The LP DAAC provides general access to all archived ASTER L1B scenes/granules over the US and US Territories, ASTER L1A & L1B Expedited products, and the ASTER Global Digital Elevation model at no-cost.  The on-demand products, such as the Level 1A, and the higher-level products and L1B over international areas of interest are available only to approved users via an application process. More information on the application process and qualifications is available on the ASTER Policies Page under the heading Data Access for NASA Approved Users.  Otherwise, the on-demand data products are available through Japan's ERSDAC WWW IMS interface at a cost. 
Please contact LP DAAC User Services for additional information.

Ordering Products



To apply for L1A/L1B access, please start the process at the following link:

You must have a URS profile for this.



  1. Ordering ASTER data requires a URS profile, once you have an active URS profile, log into Reverb via this link. If you have a problem logging in, checkout this section of the Reverb Tutorial or contact ECHO User Support
  2. As per the Data Quality Summary section above, contact LP DAAC User Services to get approval for L1A and L1B data access. (warning)
  3. Select the ASTER L1A dataset using the Search Terms box from the Reverb homepage or just paste the following link in a new browser tab:
  4. In general you will be interested in a specific geographic region, select that region using the map on the front page. For more information about using the spatial search options, see this link. Similarly, to narrow your search to a specific date/time range, please refer to the instructions here.
  5. Check the box next to the ASTER L1A Reconstructed Unprocessed Instrument Data V003 dataset
  6. For L1B data use ASTER L1B as your Search Term or the following link:
  7. Check the box next to the ASTER L1B Registered Radiance at the Sensor V003 dataset
  8. Once you have selected the dataset you are interested in, click the Search for Granules button at the bottom of the page. 
  9. The L1B dataset has over 245K granules and L1A has over 2 million, currently Reverb only allows 2000 granules per order. If your request involves 2000 granules or fewer, you can add all granules to your Shopping Cart and proceed through the Reverb Ordering Process. Otherwise, please contact ECHO User Support.