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ECHO indexes several collections from the ASTER instrument aboard the Terra satellite. These collections are provided by LPDAAC. For more specific ASTER information, check out the links in the right hand column.

Ordering GDEM


  1. Ordering GDEM data requires a URS account profile, once you have an active URS profile, log into Reverb via this link. If you have a problem logging in, checkout this section of the Reverb Tutorial or contact ECHO User Support.
  2. Select the ASTER GDEM dataset using the Search Terms box from the Reverb homepage or just paste the following link in a new browser tab:
  3. In general you will be interested in a specific geographic region, select that region using the map on the front page. For more information about using the spatial search options, see this link.
  4. Check the box next to the ASTER Global Digital Elevation Model V002 dataset
  5. Click the Search for Granules button at the bottom of the page. 
  6. The GDEM has over 22K granules, currently Reverb only allows 2000 granules per order. If you are interested in getting all 22K granules from the ASTER GDEM collection (which is 300+GB's of data), this usually requires sending a sealed external hard drive to LPDAAC and filling out a series of forms to document your request. Please contact LPDAAC user services directly for this. (warning)
  7. If your request involves 2000 granules or fewer, you can add all granules to your Shopping Cart and proceed through the Reverb Ordering Process. Otherwise, please contact ECHO User Support.



Granules downloaded from ASTGTM are zip files that contain a README.pdf and two tiff files. The README contains information on using the tiffs.