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  • Setup an Image service with RDS as back end.
  • The image service is pointing to the mosaic dataset sitting into on the RDS.
  • Set up a GP service which is secured one.
    • This GP service takes the input mrf MRF string and does performs the add raster Add Raster operation on the mosaic directly

Daily process

  • A new file comes in the s3 arrives at the specified S3 bucket,
  • A lambda Lambda process kicks in, which connects to the GP service
  • This GP service takes an input as the MRF string and executes its. ( since Since this is a rest call, it does not need any other dependency).
  • The newly added data gets reflected can be done using the refresh service option (see

There is no such documentation on this, but we have used this a few times before.

Other option is to have a separate ec2 machine which does the add raster operation. We can talk about all these options in the call sometime.