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For your information, the GCMD Keyword Database is now unfrozen and the GCMD/IDN team is now processing new keyword requests. Users of the GCMD Keyword Management Service (KMS) API are strongly encouraged to begin using the new URL for accessing keywords. Please see details below:

New GCMD KMS URL Examples: 

  1. GET Capabilities -
  2. All Science Keyword in CSV format -  
  3. Single Concept in JSON - .   

Thank you for your support. 

The GCMD/IDN Team 


IDN Home Page:

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  1. user-33879

    Perhaps this is just "for the record"/"no action required" – but maybe others are affected as well.

    I've just done a download of RDF data for the first time since the change to the API URL, and I must admit I didn't realize the full scope of the change until now, i.e., that the IRI of every Concept (and Concept Scheme) has changed as well. Or, to put it another way, from the perspective of a system that consumes/uses the keywords as RDF: it looks as though every single Concept has been deleted, and an entirely new set of Concepts has been created (though many Concepts "somehow" already have a changeNote!).

    This may break some/a lot of stuff in such systems ...