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Good day!

I am doing my dissertation about Rainfall Variability in the Philippines and I hope I could use your data. In line with this like to inquire about the difference between the TRMM 3B42 and TRMM 3B42.7 dataset.
Located here: and I already checked the Readme.TRMM_V7.pdf and I don't see a description of the difference. It will be very helpful for my thesis if I can utilize and analyze the NASA data. Rest assured that the data will be used for
research and academic purposes only and that I will acknowledge NASA in my completed thesis.


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  1. Dear TRMM user,
    Thank you for your inquiry about TRMM 3B42.
    The short answer is there is no difference. 
    The reason is, 
    The 3B42 files in the version-less directory (the 2nd link of your question) are leftover from the past, 
    and are kept for compatibility with people who may have old bookmarks etc...They'll go away with the next TRMM version.   Hope this information helps.

    Zhong Liu