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  • User Question - Request for daily Chlorophyll-a concentration data
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I wonder if I may ask for the Daily data of Chlorophyll a concentration from MODIS and SeaWIFS in March, April and May 2001. 
I am interested in some dust events in those months and would like to have daily data for further investigation on them.
 But I can only find monthly chlorophyll a data on new Giovanni 4 platform. If you may please give me a clue to find these data,
that will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. Daily data for MODIS and SeaWiFS is not available in Giovanni.  It can be acquired from the 
    Ocean Biology DAAC (OB.DAAC), Giovanni only uses
    Level 3 (global gridded data) and the daily Level 3 files are heavily influenced by
    cloud cover and gaps between the satellite scanning swaths. This would cause statistical
    biases in any of the basic averaging methods that Giovanni employs, so we do not include them.