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  • User Question - May 24, 2013 OMI Retrievals
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Good afternoon, 

I have been looking at the OMI total column and profile data from May 24-25 of 2013, and find that the retrievals on 
this day have a serious artifact (see attached plot for OMI-Aura_L2-OMO3PR_2013m0524t201). Can you tell me if this was a
retrieval issue or a more serious problem with the data? I’ve also attached a AIRS retrieval for that day for reference. Thanks


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  1. Thank you for your interest in GES DISC data. Over time the OMI instrument has experienced row anomalies, wherein some rows on the detector measure anomalous amounts
    of incoming radiation. These anomalous values are not retrieval artefacts. Each OMI species has different recommendations on quality flags for dealing with the row anomaly.

    Please see the OMO3PR readme document for more specific information.


    Regards, Jerome Alfred