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Dear Madam/Sir,

We are now using below MERRA-2 data in our new insurance product costing:

MERRA-2 tavgM_2d_rad_Nx: 2d,Monthly mean,Time-Averaged,Single-Level,Assimilation,Radiation Diagnostics V5.12.4 (M2TMNXRAD.5.12.4)

And we have one query on this single-level data, my understanding is single-level means the radiation on the surface of earth 
and the corresponding sea level varies across the world. Not sure if my understanding is correct. Your comment would be highly appreciated.
Thank you. Location:


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  1. Hi Helen,
    The data are typically served as a globally distributed grid. The GES DISC has some options for 
    retrieving single grid points. Any one grid point is representative of a ~50km^2 area To be sure, here is the link to some documentation, You will want to start with the File Specification Document. However, in the climate evaluation
    Tech Memo, you will find a climate summary of most of the radiation terms.


    Mike Bosilovich