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  • MERRA-2 3D data, specific variable access
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I would like 3D monthly mean Merra-2 velocities data but it seems that I must download all variables in the appropriate 'collection' (i.e. ASM). This is unwieldy and time consuming. Is there another way? Something like ECMWF provides access?

Thank you very much.

(submitted by Joshua Studholme)

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  1. Reply from Dana Ostrenga:


    Hello Joshua,

    We provide several services to subset and download the data. For MERRA-2 you can use the subset and regridder tool. You can directly access the product through this link:

    You can select a different product from the drop down list. This tool will allow you to spatially, temporally, vertically subset as well as variable subset, reformat and regrid the output. Please let me know if you have questions on how to use the tool or run into any further issues.


  2. Thank you very much - this is indeed what I was after.


  3. Thank you very much.