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  • How to Use Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
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View and Geocode CEOS Format Data

How to view and geocode CEOS data in ASF MapReady . Work with CEOS data: L1.5, PALSAR,L1 JERS, ERS-1, ERS-2, Radarsat-1

View Radiometrically Terrain Corrected Images in GIS EnvironmentsMake dark RTC images more viewable in GIS environment
View SeaSAT HDF5 Files

View 1978 SAR imagery processed by ASF DAAC, 35 years after historic mission using ASF MapReady.

Radiometrically Terrain Correct Sentinel-1 Data

Three recipes to Radiometrically Terrain Correct (RTC) Sentinel-1 Data:  1) Use European Space Agency's Sentinel Toolbox (SNAP) to RTC

an image, 2.) Use ASF script and ESA Toolbox to RTC multiple images, and 3.) For high-quality results use ASF's GAMMA and scripts to RTC Sentinel-1 images

Terrain Correct CEOS DataHow to terrain correct  ERS-1, ERS-2, JERS-1, Radarsat-1 and ALOS PALSAR Data

Map Regional Inundation with Spaceborne L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Generate a map and animation with RTC ALOS PALSAR Data

Generate InSAR with Sentinel-1 ToolboxCreate an interferogram using the ESA Sentinel-1 Toolbox
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