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  • Accessing MODIS-Aqua Ocean Color Radiometry Data
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I would like to inquire about the GIOVANNI platform for accessing MODIS-Aqua Color Radiometry data. In years past, it was possible to access raw MODIS Aqua data via downloads from GES DISC as text files. I now see that the links for Terra and Aqua MODIS on the GES DISC site no longer work. As such, I have gone to the EarthData GIOVANNI webpage, but it seems that for seasonal time series data it is only possible to download data as .nc files, i.e. visualizations? Is it possible to download time-averages of say MODIS-Aqua 4km resolution Sea Surface Temperature data as a text file?

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  1. Hello.  We have a few different methods that can provide data in the form you are seeking.  I will provide a full description of these methods tomorrow (May 18).


  2. The Giovanni development team is very close to completing the option for a text-file download for seasonal time-series.  This should be available in the next release of Giovanni. 

    In the interim, we have created a data recipe that describes a very simple procedure for viewing the seasonal time-series data values using Panoply and Excel.  I have attached the recipe here.  Please reply in this thread if you have any questions about the described procedure.

    If you are interested, also note that we have authored a recipe that uses the online plotting tool/site to create multiple time-series (i.e., time-series plots with more than one variable plotted).