ECHO has been replaced by the Common Metadata Repository (CMR), a high-performance, high-quality, continuously evolving metadata system that catalogs all data and service metadata records for the EOSDIS system and will be the authoritative management system for all EOSDIS metadata.

The information contained within this ECHO wiki is now archived for historical reference. Please navigate to the CMR wiki pages, or to the CMR Overview page on Earthdata.


This document provides a look and guide to the Earth Observing System (EOS) Clearinghouse (ECHO) from the perspective of the Client Partner.


  • All references to time are in Universal Time Coordinated (UTC).
  • Data Partners are also referred to as Data Providers.
  • Client Partners are also referred to as Client Developers.
  • Words in bold text are key words or concepts. 
  • Programming examples use a fixed width font, have upper/lower lines separating them from the rest of the text, and are in this color font. 
  • Comments (denoted by // within examples) 

  • Best practices or warnings appear in italicized, boxed text.


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