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True color images are derived from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
(MODIS) instrument, which files onboard NASA’sTerra and Aqua satellites. MODIS has 36
distinct spectral bands, with wavelengths ranging from 0.405 to 14.385 µm. True color images
look like photographs, but they are actually created using MODIS’s red, green, and blue bands...


ECHO indexes two versions of "MODIS True Color" (AKA MOD02QKM or MODIS/Terra Calibrated Radiances 5-Min L1B Swath 250m V005): one archived science quality product and one near-real-time (NRT) product. ECHO has imagery links for data in the science archive from 2000 to 2010.



  1. No account is needed to view this imagery. Simply point your browser at the following link:
  2. In general you will be interested in a specific geographic region, select that region using the map on the front page. For more information about using the spatial search options, see this link. Similarly, to narrow your search to a specific date/time range, please refer to the instructions here.
  3. Click Search for Granules
  4. The MOD02QKM dataset has over 770K granules, 575K of which have browse imagery available. To ensure you are only looking at data of interest to you, be sure to narrow your search by temporal and geographic constraints.
  5. To view browse imagery for a given granule click on the browse icon in the granule results as shown in the screens below. Images will be displayed in a pop-over dialog. For more help, contact ECHO User Support.
  6. To download many images, add your granules of interest to the shopping cart and follow instructions for Shopping Cart Downloads.
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