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  • Mismatch between the Data Values and the GMT Times when They Occurred
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Hi, I am looking at the data for coordinates: Latitude 37.662 / Longitude 121.875. It seems that the GMT times specified for the metrics "Monthly Averaged Hourly Solar Azimuth Angles" and "Monthly Averaged Hourly Solar Angles Relative To The Horizon". For comparison, I looked at other coordinates, Latitude 38.896 / Longitude -77.085, and that one was correct.


I believe I've run into a flaw with the data where there is a mismatch between the data values and the GMT times when they occurred. For instance, the following data set would indicate that for the latitude/longitude I've specified in the ticket, sunsets in July happen at 11:00 GMT, which is 4:00 PST. Days in California are long, but not that long :-)

Here is the link to the data I am referring to:

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  1. Response from a subject matter expert:

    Since you refer to “California” in the question, I’m assuming you are interested in a site in CA.  If that is the case, the longitude should be entered as a negative value rather than a positive value -> 37.662 by -121.875 .