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I want to use MIL2ASAE data, and I have get the "RegBestEstimateSpectralOptDepth_RegParamsAer" variate and "PerBlockMetadataTime", but I find that the dimention of "PerBlockMetadataTime" do not match the "SOMBlockDim_RegParamsAer" from "RegBestEstimateSpectralOptDepth_RegParamsAer". So can you tell me how to match the "PerBlockMetadataTime" with "RegBestEstimateSpectralOptDepth_RegParamsAer" variate.

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  1. The Answer was provided by a member of the MISR Science Team.

    The “SOMBlockDim_RegParamsAer” is the block dimension for the “RegBestEstimateSpectralOptDepth” field and is always set to 180. However, because the MISR instrument only observes the sunlit portion of the Earth, only a subset of these 180 blocks have valid data. The field “PerBlockMetadataTime” is dimensioned by the number of blocks that actually have data. The block number corresponding to the blocks in the PerBlockMetadataTime field can be found in the “Block_Number” field in “PerBlockMetadataCommon.”

    Alternatively, if a block in the RegBestEstimateSpectralOptDepth” field has valid data, that means there should exist a “PerBlockMetadataTime” that corresponds to this block.