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  • EPIC and the Moon During Solar Eclipses
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This question is being submitted on behalf of a user:

“I wanted to know why we cannot see the moon during solar eclipses on the march 9th 2016 images...the EPIC camera is 4 times further away from the earth than the moon and the shadow from the eclipse is clearly visible...please explain to me where the moon is in the image and why we cannot see it, the moon was supposed to be along the ecliptic plane that day as it passed over which would put it directly at the center of the earth from the L1 EPIC field of view.”

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  1. Response from DSCOVR Team:

    "The angle between EPIC and the Sun on March 9th 2016 is 8.78 degrees.  If we see the shadow, we cannot see the moon. Note that the angular size of the Earth is around 0.5 degrees."