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Earthdata Wiki

  • Why am I getting so many emails from Confluence?

You need to check your user settings and change your notification settings for page watches. Go to your username drop-down at the top right part of the screen and select "Watches" ( ). You will see a list of the various pages that you are currently set up to "watch". You can turn off watching the page by clicking on the envelope icon on the right-hand side of the screen.

Also check your email settings by going to  and making sure that the various checkboxes are UNCHECKED if you don't wish to receive so many emails.

  • Why am I receiving an error in the Team Calendar area on the Dashboard/Space page?

Confluence has an administrative setting that refers to a configuration of the "Base URL". The configuration of the Base URL for the Earthdata Wiki is for "". If you try to type in the shortcut into the browser without the "https://" in the URL (for example, only typing in "" into the browser), it will not default to the Base URL and will cause an error with the team calendar plug-in.

The simple fix is to access the site using the Base URL. For more information on this, you can also access the topic on the Confluence Knowledge Base (

  • Why is the URL of my page the pageID and a bunch of numbers instead of the title of the page?

Don't use special characters in your title. For example, the link for the 'Add and edit a page' page is:, if it had an ampersand instead of 'and', the URL will be rendered like this: They will both link to the same page, but the first link is much easier for users to read and remember!


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