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Discussion items

  • Review Past meeting Action Items

  • AWS Account Status & Testing
  • Documentation Process

Past Action items


New Action Items

  •  Audy Barnett to add ArcGIS  updates to the ticket board.
  • Hyokyung Lee Test ASDC OPeNDAP URL with Geelambda
  • Audy Barnett Create starter LUCID chart diagram for architecture and testing
  • Audy Barnett Find final report for Bucket Brigade and post to SDT Wiki

Meeting Notes

AWS Account Status and Testing

  • ArcGIS Update
  • CloudFormation, API Gateway, S3, and Lambda so far.
    • Geelambda worked well with AWS lambda
    • Development can work on LocalStack and then push to AWS
    • Accessing S3 from Geelambda - fails on LocalStack but works on AWS
    • Special driver (vsis3) that the GDAL community allowed for accessing HDF5 on S3
      • Inside the GDAL library in Dec 2018.
    • Used python script in AWS
    • No EC2 - it was serverless - you can invoke through the Gateway API
    • Cloud Formation - Setting up the infrastructure - specifies AWS services like Lambda, API gateway, etc. and how they should talk to each other, and events and how logs will be specified.
      • See Serverless.yml in SDT Git Repo
    • Last piece tested - GeoLambda with OPeNDAP Driver
      • Made another DOCKER file
      • GeeLambda can access OPeNDAP Server
    • Tested with OPeNDAP test server
      • Next step to test with ASDC 
  • eventually set up OPeNDAP in AWS to modify the handler for OPeNDAP
    • Newer Hyrax version can directly read data from S3


  • Wiki page for S3 bucket name and EC2 instances to share tags and resource names.
  • Workflow diagram with options
  • How to organize our buckets to match those of Cumulus?
  • Monitoring  instances - Once instances are up and running we can schedule/monitor our instances