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This page contains information about an older version of this software. The latest release is available here.


The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5, provides a flexible container that supports groups and datasets, each of which can have attributes. In many ways, HDF5 is similar to a directory structure in a file and, like directory structures, the same data can be structured and annotated in many ways. This flexibility empowers HDF5 users to arrange data in ways that make sense to them. However, it can make it difficult to share data as users, and tools, must understand the structure and the properties of data in order to use and understand it.

Many communities have successfully addressed this problem by creating conventional structures and annotations for data in HDF5. This approach depends on data files (e.g. products) that carefully follow these conventions. In some cases, designing and writing those files can be challenging or the user creating the product may be driven by local needs that lead to deviations from the conventions. Unfortunately, even small deviations can cause problems for downstream tools and future users.

HDF5 Product Designer (HPD) helps users design conventional HDF5 product easily and produce consistently interoperable data products. Conventions are defined using a powerful expert system ( and designs can be re-used across product suites.

What's New

The current version 1.1.0 of the HPD was released on July 1, 2015. Here are a few highlights:

  • If a dataset has _FillValue attribute and CF or NUG convention support is active, the value of _FillValue attribute will be used as the fill value of the dataset's creation property when a design is imported.
  • Compound datasets can be edited. Compound fields can be dragged and dropped.
  • Tree control uses white background and colored icons.
  • Console (stderr/stdout) messages are redicted to a separate window.
  • IDL code generation is improved.


PlatformBinarySHA256 Checksum
Windows 8 SetupHPD_setup.exe2596d7f434bc5633ccdcea92aa5e45395bb7dbffaeb5b05dbaf989034f1b0646
Windows 8HPD.exe06c0279159c041f19ce27713bcd013f62d232f04cb6a043833ad242f6339cb75
Windows 7 SetupHPD_win7_setup.exe24a4566b5581ec81787cb7854b8b8d1db9776e4f509984cbdbe70129414a4995
Windows 7HPD_win7.exe5c2c8e14d2aeac7e2ff8b2ac2df8101ea21799ffc08855b821b7768d64484a6b
Mac OS X (Mavericks or newer)HPD.dmg5cc59a4c487a2e116c88fd3e4b11085568d846ba933b10638dd00a69d31070eb
Linux 2.6 (x86_64)HPD5d4b20989e55aab2a9452518bcb7d75fa0471582b4a31c61640e0c6342b9e3b8

User Guide

Please download the following PDF document: HDFProductDesigner.pdf.



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