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NASA's Earth Science Data and Information Systems (ESDIS) Standards Office (ESO) conducts reviews of proposed standards, practices, and technical information relevant to the ESDIS mission. Documents are reviewed as part of the  ESDIS Project's standards process. Approved documents are published and listed on the  Standards Requirements and References  page.

ESO is conducting a review of Preservation Content Implementation Guidance, ESDS-RFC-042.

This Preservation Content Implementation Guidance was produced for the Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS) as a companion document for the NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification. This guidance is primarily intended for the EOSDIS Distributed Active Archive Centers (DAACs) which receive data from various data producers for archiving and distribution.

Review in Progress - this review is currently being processed and is not open to new comments

Please also consider reviewing NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification 423-SPEC-001, Revision C.

Quick Start for Reviewers

ESDIS uses the Jama online document review system to collect community comments on proposed standards, practices and technical information submitted to ESO for review.  Offline reviews, where you download the document and review questions, then respond via email, are also accepted. Quick instructions for each are below.

Preferred Method: Use Jama
  1. Request Jama access to these documents by contacting the ESO at Please include your Earthdata login username if you have one.

  2. Read and provide comments about the document Jama here:
  3. For more details on using Jama, see the information at the bottom of this page.
  4. All review comments are due by June 4, 2021 at 11 p.m.
Alternate Method: Respond via email
  1. Download the document:
  2. Read the document and provide additional feedback by answering the review questions:
  3. Send your feedback to the ESO at
  4. All review comments are due by June 4, 2021 at 11 p.m.

Review Introduction

The role of the ESDIS Standards Office (ESO) is to conduct a review of this document by soliciting comments from a cross section of the Earth Science community.

Reviewers are invited to read the document and answer the questions provided on the review web page. The ESO recognizes that not all reviewers will be familiar with all of the content of the document. Reviewers are welcome to review those parts of the document that they have experience with.  You only need to answer questions applicable to you.  Additional comments are welcome.

This document is intended primarily for data producers and data distributors, however data users may have insights and opinions about the content of this document as well.

There is a new companion document, also under current public review, NASA Earth Science Data Preservation Content Specification 423-SPEC-001, Revision C. Please consider reading (and reviewing) that document for further context and guidance.

Review Questions

  • What is your role? Select one or more of: data producer, data distributor, other
  • What type(s) of data do you produce and/or distribute? (Refer to Table 1 in this document and/or to for possible categories and levels)
  • Does this document address all of the types of data you produce and/or distribute? If not, what type(s) of data are not covered?
  • Are there aspects of cloud data storage and processing that might require preservation of additional information not spelled out in this document?
  • Do the guidelines in this document enable you to determine which specific preservation items/artifacts are needed for the type(s) of data you produce and/or distribute?
  • Is there anything else that you have learned about preservation content that could supplement or improve the guidance provided in this document?
  • For the sections pertaining to the data you produce and/or distribute, are the guidelines clear and implementable?

Detailed instructions for Jama reviewers:

The benefit of using the Jama system is that you can easily comment on specific portions of the document and can see comments provided by others.

Review comments may be submitted via the Earthdata Jama document review system. If you already have access to the NASA Earthdata Jama system, please contact ESO at and let us know your Earthdata Login username so we can add to you the list of reviewers.

Once you are registered to provide a review, you will receive email from the ESO Team with links to the documents under review. When you get the email, please follow the instructions to gain access to the documents and to begin the review.

In order to log in to the Jama system (i.e. to follow any of the Jama review links) you must have an Earthdata Login account with access to Jama. Use your Earthdata Login username and password to log in to Jama.  Earthdata Login username and password recovery can be done at

If you do not already have a Jama account but wish to use the Jama system, you can request one at the Earthdata Service Desk or email the ESO staff at

Jama Resources

NOTE: Information on this page is subject to change.

Thank you!