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The 2022 Earth Science Data System Working Group Meeting will be a virtual meeting held from Tuesday April 19 - Thursday April 21. We will also be joined by members of the Citizen Science Data Working Group (CSDWG). Sessions will be timetabled between  9:00 AM PST/12:00 PM EST and 2:00 PM PST/5:00 PM EST. This is an important technical interchange meeting for all ESDSWG members.

The format of the meeting will be somewhat different to past in-person meetings and we will be adopting a different process for selecting the new working groups. Several of the working groups from 2021/22 are likely to continue in some form for 2022/23 including Dataset Interoperability, Data Product Developers Guide, Machine Learning Capacity Development, Data Interoperability for Machine Learning, and Community Development Best Practices. These groups are being invited to submit plans for continuation in 2022/23. ESDSWG is also open to ideas for new working groups that address current community needs. Following community feedback, a number of these will be selected to move forward as candidate working groups and discussed in further detail at the meeting.

The annual meeting is an important part of the ESDSWG planning and decision-making process and we encourage all ESDSWG members to attend. Further information about the meeting, including a draft agenda, will be posted to the wiki as it becomes available

Access Permissions

Access to some parts of the ESDSWG wiki and the 2022 meeting pages will require special permissions. You must have an Earthdata Login before we can grant access to the restricted pages. Registered meeting attendees should contact Steve Olding and a global admin (Ross Bagwell or Marseille Bunk) with your Earthdata Login Username to request access.

Meeting Access

Registration for the ESDSWG meeting is at - You will need to be registered to receive joining instructions for the meeting sessions.

We will be using a platform called Qiqochat for the meeting. To access the meeting, you MUST create a Qiqochat account with the email you registered with.

Late registrations will not have immediate access to Qiquchat.

Go to, then select  'Sign In'. If you have an account from last year, you may login. If you do not, then you will need to 'Create New Account.'

Once in Qiqochat, you will see the meeting is divided into two events - one for the Plenary & Breakouts, the other for the Poster Session. At the beginning of each day, please head directly to the Plenary & Breakout Room and click on the big green “Join Video” button on the top left to access the Zoom link for the meeting. If you must use the browser version of Zoom, click the red “Help” button and you will find the appropriate link for the browser version of the meeting.

If you have any problems accessing Qiqochat, please email! If possible, please create your account and confirm you can access the space BEFORE the day of the meeting.

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