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Meeting Access

Registration for the ESDSWG meeting is at - You will need to be registered to receive joining instructions for the meeting sessions.

We will be using a platform called Qiqochat for the meeting. To access the meeting, you MUST create a Qiqochat account with the email you registered with.

Late registrations will not have immediate access to Qiquchat.

Go to, then select  'Sign In'. If you have an account from last year, you may login. If you do not, then you will need to 'Create New Account.'

Once in Qiqochat, you will see the meeting is divided into two events - one for the Plenary & Breakouts, the other for the Poster Session. At the beginning of each day, please head directly to the Plenary & Breakout Room and click on the big green “Join Video” button on the top left to access the Zoom link for the meeting. If you must use the browser version of Zoom, click the red “Help” button and you will find the appropriate link for the browser version of the meeting.

If you have any problems accessing Qiqochat, please email! If possible, please create your account and confirm you can access the space BEFORE the day of the meeting.

Citizen Sicence

There will be a separate parallel track for members of the Citizen Science Data Working Group (CSDWG). CSDWG will be joining the main track for some sessions. The Citizen Science discussion will be 1-2pm Wed. Room 2.


Tuesday April 19

TitleStart TimeSpeaker
Meeting Logistics / Code of Conduct11:00: AMSteve Olding, Sara Lubkin

ACCESS Program Overview

11:05: AMElena Steponaitis
ACCESS Technology Spotlight - Part 111:15: AM

Machine Learning PLANET High Resolution Training Data for Medium Resolution Land Cover and Disturbance Mapping

David Roy

Large-Scale Operational Data Matchup Service for Multiple Platform Types

Stepheny Perez

Developing Passive Satellite Cloud Remote Sensing Algorithms using Collocated Observations, Numerical Simulation and Deep Learning

Jianwu Wang

GeoWeaver: Building An Open-Source Platform for Enabling Ad Hoc Management, Open Sharing, and Robust Reuse of NASA Earth Data-Driven Hybrid AI Workflows

Ziheng Sun

Enabling Cloud-Based InSAR Science for an Exploding NASA InSAR Data Archive

David Bekaert

Break12:15: PM
ACCESS Technology Spotlight - Part 212:30: PM

Machine Learning Datasets for the Earth’s Natural Microwave Emission

Carl Mears

Advancing an Open-Access Repository for Earth Observation Training Data and Machine Learning Models

Hamed Alemohammad

GNSS Radio Occultation Data in the AWS Cloud

Amy McVey

Training Data for Stream Flow Estimation

Fritz Policelli

Pangeo ML - Open Source Tools and Pipelines for Scalable Machine Learning Using NASA Earth Observation Data

Ryan Abernathey

Spatio-Temporal Machine Learning and Cloud Computing for Predicting Dynamics of Global Vegetation Structure from Active Satellite Sensors

Sassan Saatchi
Q&A if possible

Break1:30: PM

NASA SMD Machine Learning Activities

1:45: PMManil Maskey
Overview of Machine Learning at IMPACT1:55: PMIksha Gurung
ML Capacity Development Working Group2:05: PM
-- Machine Learning on AWS Cloud
Jianwu Wang
-- Best Practices of AI Applications in Earth System Sciences
Laura Sandoval, Ziheng Sun
-- Machine Learning Reusability and Reproducibility
Hamed Alemohammad, Sanjay Purushotham
Break3:35: PM
ML Training Data Working Group3:50: PMMark Parsons
ML Panel / Discussion / Planning4:10: PMML WG Chairs, Manil Maskey, Ge Peng
Close4:55: PM

Wednesday April 20

TitleStart TimeSpeaker
Day 2 Logistics / Code of Conduct12:00: PMSteve Olding
The HQ Perspective12:05: PMKatie Baynes
ESDIS Overview12:20: PMAndy Mitchell
IMPACT Overview12:35: PMRahul Ramachandran
Q&A12:50: PM
Break1:05: PM
Collaboration Methods in Tech Infusion1:15: PMAnnie Burgess
How can we improve technology infusion?1:45: PMAnnie Burgess/Sara Lubkin
Break2:15: PM
Posters2:25: PM
Break3:25: PM
Data Product Developers Guide3:35: PMH.K. "Rama" Ramapriyan/Peter Leonard

4:20: PMPeter Leonard/Aleksander Jelenak
Close5:05: PM

Thursday April 21

TitleStart TimeSpeaker
Day 3 Logistics / Code of Conduct12:00: PMSteve Olding
ESDIS Standards Coordination Office / SMD Standards12:05: PMSteve Olding, Mark Parsons
NASA Openscapes Framework - Year 1 Update 12:20: PMJulia Stewart Lowndes, Luis Lopez, Erin Robinson

NASA Open Source Science Update

1:00: PMYvonne Ivey
Community Development Best Practices1:20: PMJeff Siarto
ESD Community Forum2:00: PM
Break3:30: PM
Update from the new ESIP OSS Cluster: Creating a Community of Champions3:35: PMJenny Hewson and Cynthia Hall
New Working Group Proposals3:45: PM

Making NASA SMD-funded Earth science data FAIR (proposed new WG)

Presentation link

Ge Peng
Interdisciplinary Community Needs Working Group (proposed new WG)
Binita KC
Open Discussion/Happy Hour4:45: PM
Close5:15: PM

  File Modified
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation ESDSWG 2022 ESDIS Status.pptx Apr 20, 2022 by Andrew Mitchell
PDF File ESDSWG HQ Perspective - Baynes - 04202022.pdf Apr 20, 2022 by Kathleen Baynes
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation DPDG - background status 2022-2023 plan.pptx Apr 20, 2022 by Hampapuram Ramapriyan
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation DIWG_Summary_2022-04-20m.pptx Apr 20, 2022 by Peter Leonard
PDF File ESDIS Standards Coordination Office 20220421.pdf Apr 21, 2022 by Steve Olding
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation ESDSWG Open-FAIR-NASA-DATA-INFORMATION-GUIDE-WG Proposal.pptx Apr 21, 2022 by Ge Peng
PDF File ESDSWG ESIP OSS - 042122.pdf Apr 21, 2022 by Jenny Hewson
PDF File Intro to ACCESS.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 1 ACCESS_Spotlight_Roy_V5.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 2 ESDSWG-CDMS-Presentation.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 3 ACCESS Spotlight Jianwu Wang UMBC April 2022.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 4 ACCESS Spotlight GEOWEAVER.pptx.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 5 ACCESS Spotlight Bekaert.pptx Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 6 ACCESS Spotlight.CarlMears.pptx Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 7 ESDSWG_RadiantMLHub_2022.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 8 GNSS-RO-AWS-Cloud_ESDSWG-202204-Lightening-Talk_v1.pptx Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation 9 ESDSWG_ACCESS_Policelli.pptx Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 10 Pangeo-ML-ESDSWG-2022.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File 11 Saatchi_ESDSWG_April_19_22.pptx.pdf Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation PitchDeck_YOOS_PUBLIC.pptx Apr 25, 2022 by Sara Lubkin
PDF File ML Capacity Development Working Group - Machine Learning on AWS Cloud.pdf Sep 07, 2022 by Jianwu Wang

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