A reminder that, all being well, the ESDSWG meeting is just a week away.

All of the meeting sessions are being held in Building 8 at Goddard Space Flight Center. Anyone without a NASA-issued PIV badge will need to allow extra time to pick up a visitor badge before entering the campus (location TBA - probably the Visitor Center).  If bringing a car on-site, please use the parking lot opposite Building 8 and next to Building 24 (see map on the wiki agenda page).

Agenda Overview

Day 1 – Wednesday

Plenary session: Building 8 Auditorium

Registration starts at 8:00 AM, Meeting starts at 9:00 AM.

Findings and recommendations from the 2013 WGs (morning/early afternoon)

Poster session (mid-afternoon)

2014 WG proposals overview (late afternoon)

WG technical chairs – please ensure that your presentations (PowerPoint or PDF) are uploaded to the meeting agenda wiki page prior to the start of the meeting.

Electronic versions of the posters (PDF preferred) can also be uploaded to the wiki.

Draft proposals for 2014 Working Groups (new and follow-on groups) should be added to the wiki by the end of this week.  No formal presentation is required for 2014 WG proposals on Wednesday afternoon. We will invite proposers to say a few words of introduction to their proposals and answer questions of clarification from the audience. This is brief preview to help attendees decide which WG breakout sessions to attend on Thursday.

Day 2 – Thursday

Breakout sessions: Bldg. 8 Auditorium, Code 400 Conference Room), Management Conference Center (MCC)

Review 2014 WG Proposals

Draft proposals for 2014 Working Groups (new and follow-on groups) should be added to the wiki by the end of this week. Create a new child page for each proposal.

Feel free to start adding your comments to the proposal pages for discussion at the meeting.

Day 3 – Friday

Plenary session: Building 8 Auditorium

Lightning talks for 2014 WG proposals

Proposal assessments

Meeting close: Approx. 12:30 PM

Government Shutdown

We continue to monitor the valiant efforts of our esteemed legislators to come to agreement on a new funding bill. However, in the event of a government shutdown, next week’s meeting will have to be cancelled and rescheduled for some other time. We remain optimistic that everything will be resolved in time to avoid cancelling the meeting but will continue to monitor the situation and adjust plans accordingly. It is possible that we may not have a clear outcome until late on September 30th.  We currently plan to make a final call on the ESDSWG meeting no later than 4:00 PM on Monday. I will keep you informed of any changes.

Please consult the ESDSWG wiki pages for the latest information and agenda updates.

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