As we approach the ESDSWG meeting at the beginning of October, I just wanted to remind the working groups that they should plan on having their 2013 deliverables largely compete by the time of the meeting. There will be a couple of weeks following the meeting, and before the 2014 working groups are announced, when you can make any final tweaks in response to feedback at the meeting but, otherwise, everything should be complete and uploaded to the Earthdata Wiki prior to the meeting.

On the first day of the meeting (Oct 2), we will be inviting the current working groups to present their findings and recommendation to the ESDSWG community.  There is no set format for this presentation and it can be as short or as long (within reason) as you need. I will be contacting the working group technical chairs later this month to find out how much time we need to schedule for each group.

There is no expectation or obligation for any of the current working groups to continue beyond the annual meeting. The intention is that ESDSWG working groups have specific objectives and deliverables and that, once their work is done, the working group will disband and its participants move on to other activities. That said, it is likely that some of the current working groups may want to propose follow-on activities for next year and those proposals will be considered alongside proposals for new working groups. Groups proposing follow-on activities are still expected to complete their current activities prior to the annual meeting.

Later this month, we will be announcing the ESDIS priorities for next year and open up the call for new working group proposals from the ESDSWG community. More details to follow but expect a similar format to last year.

Information about the meeting will be posted to the ESDSWG wiki pages on the Earthdata Wiki

If you don’t yet have access to the Earthdata Wiki, please contact with Account Request in the subject line,mention that you are participating in the ESDSWG, and include your URS ID.

Anyone who hasn’t yet subscribed to the ESDSWG announcements mailing list can subscribe at

And, if you haven’t yet registered for the meeting, please do so at

Let me know if you need any help with any of the above.



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