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These steps show you how to register for an Earthdata Login.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the Earthdata login page:

  2. Click the Register button beneath the Password text entry box.

  3. Fill in the required information (as marked by a red asterisk). Note that you will need a valid email address to register for an Earthdata Login. If you are a public user with no specific affiliation to an organization (e.g. you just want to browse the data out of curiosity), just select 'Other' for the affiliation, and enter 'none' in the box below it. When you are finished filling in the fields, click on the “Register for Earthdata Login” green button at the bottom of the page. 


    4.  After registering for your Earthdata Login you will be returned to the Earthdata Login main screen, along with a message indicating that “Your Earthdata Login has been successfully created, please check your email for details on how to activate your Earthdata Login before attempting to login”.


   5. You will now need to go to your email inbox and look for a message similar to the following:


User Registration System - Profile registration
 Hello, Peter Smith.
 A profile in the EOSDIS User Registration System has been requested
 for petersmith, using this email address.
 To complete the registration, please follow this link:
 If your email client does not show the URL as a link, just copy and
 paste it into your Web browser's Location field.  If the URL has
 wrapped, you will need to edit it to be on a single line.
 If you did not request this profile, you may do nothing, and no further
 action will be taken.  You will receive no further communications from
 The login page can be found at the following link:
 The EOSDIS User Registration Team



6. Just click on the link provided in the email to activate your Earthdata Login.  You may now access Earthdata Login, as well as many of the EOSDIS Earthdata applications that use it.


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