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So many great things to work on next, help us understand where you'd like us to start by voting below. You can also edit the page and add a row to the table if we're missing your top need. Voting will only be available for a short period of time, so please vote now!

If there is something that you feel is important but not listed, you may edit the page and add that to the table.

EDSC Feature Description Result Voters
Large Orders & Bulk Download Improve user experience related to downloading many granules. This would include UX and design work, to be followed by implementation. 6 Amy Steiker, Jennifer Wei, John Scialdone, Justine Woo, Lindsey Harriman, Daine Wright
Additive Model Allow individual granules to be added to projects (a la Reverb). 3 Amy Steiker, Justine Woo, Lindsey Harriman
Selectable Sorting Provide users the ability to choose how they would like their search results sorted (eg relevancy, popularity, collection start/end date, recently updated, etc...) 3 Amy Steiker, Justine Woo, Lindsey Harriman
Responsive Layout Support a wider range of display sizes and formats. There are 3 distinct cases to be considered. In order of priority, they are small laptops > tablets > large phones. 2 Amy Steiker, Lindsey Harriman
Natural Language Processing Improvements Switch NLP engine to use Google Geolocation API for better user experience and expanded capabilities. 2 Jennifer Wei, Lindsey Harriman
Smart Handoff The idea is to provide a way to allow users to move from EDSC to a tool that is better suited to download/access the data being viewed. Instead of providing a general link to the tool's homepage, a user could click a link that would carry some information along with it (such as spatial/temporal selection) so that users are dropped into a context matching their EDSC session. 2 Jennifer Wei, Daine Wright
Facet Improvements Provide a way for users to view all facets within a facet category. Users are currently limited to viewing only the top 50 within a certain category. The only way to view anything outside of the top 50 is to provide some other search parameter that changes collection results, which would then change the facet results. 2 Jennifer Wei, Justine Woo
WCS Related URL Expose collection-level WCS link which would allow user to plug URL into desktop GIS app 1 Daine Wright
E2E Services (OPeNDAP) Continue E2E services implementation (OPeNDAP) 1 Daine Wright
GIBS Integration Improvements Provide a way to select which GIBS layer is displayed. 1 Amy Steiker


  1. From LP - voted for a few, but of the ones voted for, Additive is highest priority and Responsive Layout is the lowest.

    Didn't vote for facet improvements, but interested in the outcome of any metrics assessment you can do.

  2. NSIDC voted for five, with Large Orders & Bulk Download, GIBS Integration, and Responsive Layout as our top three. We're hopeful that Responsive Layout would address feedback we've received from our UWG related to the UI feeling overwhelming and heavy when accessed from their laptops. 

    We are intrigued by Smart Handoff, and could see potential value in both directions, but it did not make our top 5 due to some uncertainties. For the reverse handoff (DAAC app to EDSC), what would be needed on the DAAC end? Knowing that this is on the horizon, it would be helpful to understand what's required for a tool or app to be "handoff-able" so to speak.