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  • Adding Custom GIBS Configurations
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Gibs configurations are pulled from a Worldview configuration file, If we need to add a configuration that they have not added for some reason, we created a local configuration file (config/gibs.json) where we can add the configuration information.

To add a new config in the future, we just need to add another value to the "layers" and "products" objects in that json file with the information provided by the provider. EDSC now merges the contents of that file into the Worldview config file before processing.


Example custom GIBS configuration (config/gibs.json), which matches the Worldview configuration format.

  "layers": {
    "MOPITT_CO_Daily_Total_Column_Day": {
      "startDate": "2000-03-03",
      "product": "MOPITT_CO_Daily_Total_Column_Day",
      "id": "MOPITT_CO_Daily_Total_Column_Day",
      "subtitle": "Terra / MOPITT",
      "format": "image/png",
      "title": "Carbon Monoxide (Daily, Day, Total Column)",
      "type": "wmts",
      "projections": {
        "geographic": {
          "source": "GIBS:geographic",
          "matrixSet": "2km"
  "products": {
    "MOPITT_CO_Daily_Total_Column_Day": {
      "query": {
        "conceptId": ["C191855458-LARC", "C40204-ECHO10_PT"]