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ASDC - Tiffany Trapasso

NSIDC - Donna Scott, Steve Tanner

ASF - Rebecca Miller, Olena Ellis (add to list - main point of access)

OB - Alicia Scott

GES DISC - Lena Iredell, Carlee Loeser

LP - Carolyn Gaecke, Jackie Jones

CDDIS - Sandara Blevins (forwarded by Pat Michael) - Add to list

ESDIS - Valerie, Lalit, Elli

PODAAC - Jessica

ORNL- Tammy, Daine on at 1:25

LAADS - Asad


  • Welcome - Roundtable Introductions
  • Since we met last…
    • DOI discussion with ORNL
    • DOI discussion w GES
    • DOI discussion w CMR

  • DOI System Update - Lalit
    • Overall system Fine
    • DAACs are getting Reservations and Deletes are happening - good clean-up effort
    • ASDC models bulk update-mechanism - worked well
    • Comments
      • NSIDC - DataCite has a mechanism for “Graveyard” probably similar to DataCite “reserve” mechanism - Lalit will follow-up)
      • Steve has a data product that won’t be public but created years ago - follow-up on that

  • DOIs Discussion Page
    • Direct attention to DOI Discussion Google Page - Organized by Topic
      • Keeping the conversation going - Consider Wiki Area for each topic - editable use case areas - for more people to look at.  Put out request to DAACs to submit their use-cases for documents so others can see and get ideas and provide input. Google Docs could be setup easier then transfer to Wiki area for safe-keeping.
      • Track where we are in these discussion topics
      • Move mature topics to ESO review
      • Val: Consider Earthdata Forum mechanism to capture discussions

  • Actions from last meeting
    • Send Wiki link and Database access instructions to callers
    • Send policy document and Use case document to attendees
      • Nate will post link to these documents in meeting notes
      • Steve has an additional Use-Case for us
    • Create a NASA distribution list of users and interested parties  - Done (internal section)
    • Setup Google Drive for DOI discussion topics - Done

  • Next Steps Topic: DOIs in CMR
    • DOIs presently referenced in CMR
      • UMM-C
    • Populating DOIs in CMR
      • Using MMT
        • DOI is NOT a required field - not all products are used in research (eg. L0 data, quick/first look)
      • Using CMR API interfacing with DAACs script
        • Alicia: Explanation of absent DOI  field did NOT work - Val will check
      • Q: Will this DOI field make the product searchable by DOI?
        A: Yes - Tested live - Returns proper result
        Still some natural language issues in the search (using auto-populating if DOI field typed)
    • Status of DOIs on legacy datasets vs new datasets
      • Most DAACs have assigned DOIs to all of their active datasets.
        Why put DOIs on legacy (retired) datasets if papers already written?
        A: Depends on what “legacy” means - no longer available or retired datasets should not have DOIs.
    • Related DOI-CMR Topics for future discussion
      • DOIs for algorithms (ATBDs) and software
      • UMM-S - DOIs for services
      • UMM-Tools - DOIs for tools
      • UMM-V - DOIs for Disaster Events (WorldView and GIBS)

  • Future Topics to Add to the DOI Discussion Google Doc
    • Topic
      • Should we be registering DOIs at a Mission level before data is publicly available (i.e. airborne missions)
    • Who’s interested
    • Related documents and links to reference

  • Next Discussion Topic:

  • Next Tentative Telecon Date: May/June