Note that the previous JPL Planetary Ephemeris data DE200 file will expire on 1/1/2021. The latest toolkit 5.2.20 ( contains the updated file de200.dat located in the $PGSHOME/database/common/CBP directory. This file provides planetary ephemeris through 1/24/2041.

  If you have already noted and downloaded the 5.2.20 release, there is no need to take any further action regarding the planetary Ephemeris data.  This notice is simply a reminder of the upcoming expiration date and recommendation to review and make this update now, if you have not already done so. The planetary ephemeris files are attached to this site for your convenience. Note that the de200.eos file is a processed binary file generated from de200.dat for the Linux 64 bit platform.  If you are not on this platform, you may need to use the TOOLKIT/src/CBP/PGS_CBP_ASCtoBIN.cutility to generate the binary file necessary for your platform.

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