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Current Progress

Table Summary of Reconciliation Status 

GHRC Status

Report to be developed


Report to be developed

ORNL Status

Report to be developed

SEDAC Status

Report to be developed











The CMR will be merging the metadata holdings of two existing catalogs, GCMD and ECHO. All EOSDIS DAACs currently submit and maintain metadata about their archives in both of these systems.

In the current paradigm, sometimes the metadata submitted to both systems is maintained by a single team within the DAAC's organization and is largely kept in sync, while in other instances two separate teams submit and maintain this metadata. 

The reconciliation efforts being organized by ESDIS are attempting to document and analyze current holdings in both ECHO and GCMD, as well as plan for unifying of these collection level holdings into the CMR.

Expand the panel to view two diagrams outlining the current and future metadata flow.


Current and Future Metadata Flow

The first digram here shows the current flow of metadata into the systems, while the second depicts the unified flow of the CMR when a DAAC has been reconciled.

The Plan



What Needs to Happen?
  • One submission per product/collection
    • ISO 19115, ECHO, or GCMD DIF record
  • Short Name + Version/Entry ID Unification
  • UMM Compliance (Collections and Granules)
  • May include products not in EMS/ECHO/GCMD
  • BEDI/CDI Datasets are High Priority

Current ECHO and GCMD records will not be co-mingled in the CMR

Choose either GCMD or ECHO records depending on the correct content for each collection

DAAC Role Questions and Answers



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