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We would like to retrieve the instrument, platform and other metadata associated with any given granule. The response for a granule or collection query does not provide the fields we are looking for. We have only been able to find the metadata using a collections query with 'facets_enabled' but it would be nice to have this information available with each entry returned from the query. Is there a way to get this information that I am not aware of?

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  1. user-7b92a

    The CMR supports multiple response formats: The response formats with the information you're looking for will be in the metadata results formats which are ECHO10, DIF9, DIF10 and ISO dialects. You can specify the result format via the accept header or via a URL extension (/collections.<format>). Both of the curl requests below will request collection search results in ECHO10 format.

    curl -H "Accept: application/echo10+xml" "
    curl "