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So many great things to work on next, help us understand where you'd like us to start by voting below.  You can also edit the page and add a row to the table if we're missing your top need.  We plan on opening up voting approx. once every 3 months to feed into our planning cycles. Voting will only be limited for a short period of time, so please vote now!



 CMR Feature Description Votes Voters
Tagging Improvements Updated Tagging Design  6 Christopher Lynnes , Doug Newman , Jason Gilman [X] , Kathleen Baynes , Patrick Quinn , Tyler Stevens
Fat JSON Build a JSON response which has all fields in the response 4 Alicia Scott , Brad Schroeder , Darla Werner , Kathleen Baynes
Relevancy  Improved relevancy based on the work done in the ESDSWG Relevancy Working Group  3 Christopher Lynnes , Doug Newman , Patrick Quinn
 REST Based Ordering  Be able to order and check order status via REST 2 Christopher Lynnes , Doug Newman
Bulk Update  Update a specific field(s) across multiple records with one command  2 Alicia Scott , Tyler Stevens
 DOI Search  Improve CMR's ability to search by DOI.  This would involve ensuring DOIs are specified correctly in the metadata also. 2 Christopher Lynnes , Unknown User (mike.gangl)
UMM-P  Implement UMM-Parameters in the CMR  1 Brad Schroeder
Holdings Analytics Be able to run analytics across a provider's holdings to look for areas of inconsistencies or missing fields 1 Alicia Scott
Facet Improvements   Updated facet response 1 Patrick Quinn
Allow Ingest with URS Tokens CMR is currently only recognizing ECHO tokens for ingest, can it be allowed to use URS tokens for ingest as well? 1 Brad Schroeder
CSW API Add a CSW compliant API  0
 Components Add re-usable components to UMM-C for Organizations and Contacts   0
Quality Rubrics Be able to assess the quality of an individual metadata record based on adherence to various recommendations such as CSW 0
HTML Rsp Format  Retrieve collections in a well designed / EUI compliant .html format for easy display or hosting 0
Templated Virtual Product Creation  Automate the ability to setup virtual products and make it easily accessible to all providers 0
 Fat Granule CSV Increase the fields supplied in the CSV download to include all granule metadata fields 0
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  1. user-7b92a

    Brad Schroeder, CMR already supports URS tokens for ingest. If this is not working for you you should reach out the CMR Operations to try to resolve the issue.

    1. Thanks user-7b92a,  when we couldn't get a URS token to work, we were told that CMR only accepts ECHO tokens.  If it does, my request can be removed, if it doesn't that functionality would be very helpful for us.