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CMR / UMM Documentation Schedule
Final CMR/UMM Documents

The CMR and UMM documents listed below can be accessed by clicking HERE

CMR Documents

  • CMR Life-Cycle Doc

UMM Documents

  • UMM - Common
  • UMM - C (Collections)
  • UMM - G (Granules)
  • UMM - S (Services)
  • UMM - Var (Variables)
Planned Updates/Changes


This page supports the CMR Project Team which has responsibility for CMR development and operations, GCMD operations, the full life cycle CMR requirements management and approval processes for UMM concepts, controlled vocabularies, and GCMD keywords.

Telecon Information

Next CMR Project Bi-weekly

Tues Sept 3rd at 9:00am ET; Tel: 844-467-6272, Passcode: 483870# ---

Meeting notes from previous telecons on CMR Project Meeting Notes page

Telecon Agenda

Sept 3rd Telecon Agenda - 

      1. Current Reviews status :

              * GCMD Keywords Measurement Names revised review  - Simon 

              * UMM-C spatial resolution - Erich/Simon

              * UMM-S refactoring - Tyler

        2.  ECVs status  -  Morahan

               * Mapping of the CEOS ECVs to NASA CMR collection records is complete

               * Proposed tag:  "org.ceos.wgclimate.ecv" – this will be put into development plans


        3.   Refocusing this CMR Project tag up – Valerie

After the SE TIM communications talk, I feel like we need to have a discussion about further utilizing this meeting space. In particular, I’d like to discuss using it to manage action tracking; having this meeting be a place to collect and periodically check up on actions pulled from all our related/topical meetings (e.g the annual metadata meetings, UMM workshops, etc.) that often get a wiki page created for the event and get loaded up w/ actions that no one ever bothers to go back to again.

I’d also like to revisit the invitees/audience for this tag-up – should it expand, re-focus, or stay as-is? – and ask for suggestions on how we are using this meeting forum and how we could or should be using it going forward to keep it thrumming and productive.

        4   Any other info to share?

        5.  Schedule next CMR Project tag up



IDN Update - NOAA collection metadata - Michael M

  1. NOAA_NCEI update (~23000 NOAA_NCEI-MD Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS  records)
    1. Have not heard from NOAA_NCEI about the SOOS records since the contact went to meetings in Korean and Belgium.
    2. Spreadsheet of NOAA_NCEI SOOS records' Collection_IDs, Titles, Keywords, Platforms, Locations and their counts of  (NOAA_NCEI_all_May_17_2019.xlsx) .
    1. Updating this sprint (June 3 to 14)
    2. Total of 99 on the NOAA_NCEI Web folder.
  3. European data providers
    1. Added new Platforms and Instruments keywords and their relationships to GCMD KMS.
    2. Added new Data Providers for ESA FedEO.
    3. No request to add new FedEO records.

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  1. Maybe another topic for agenda from question I got from Tammy at ORNL: When will GCMD Keyword vocabularies be assigned a DOI?