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  1. Can we consider making the UMM documents that are in the review phase available to download and comment on from this page, as well?

  2. That's perfect! Thanks.

  3. When will services (UMM-S) be  posted?

    1. The current UMM-S has been posted.

  4. When is the UMM-V scheduled to be approved and released?  I participated in the external review a few months ago. I would like to see a draft copy if possible.

  5. Ed, we have a plan in place to get the COMET template version of the document ready for the week of June 11th. The new version will be posted to this Wiki page then. If you have access to JAMA, you will be be able to follow the development of the next baselined version (1.2) for UMM-Var as we work the model up to that date.